Medical Marijuana in Vero Beach, FL
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About Us


Our Health Mission

Medical cannabis has been a game changer for those patients with  qualifying conditions. Our hope is to provide relief and improve quality of life for those who suffer with debilitating illness and chronic pain. 

We also want to educate patients and our community as to the health benefits of medical marijuana so informed decisions can be made.


Scott L. Treatman, DO, MPH

Dr. Scott Treatman is a registered medical marijuana physician in Florida and NY. He is Board Certified in Family Practice and Occupational Medicine. 

Dr. Treatman has been providing medical marijuana consults and patient certifications since 2016.

Patient Information

Patients are accepted if referred by a specialist with documentation of a qualifying condition. Patients can also self refer for medical marijuana and must supply documents that support the qualifying diagnosis. Usually a copy of a last office visit note from a treating provider will suffice. House calls are available in certain areas of Vero Beach.